Hello, and welcome to Wood Thrush!!!

We are a small, retail-only, mail-order nursery.  You may visit by making an appointment. Regular hours will be established in the future.

Our nursery is dedicated to discovering, growing, and promoting rare and unusual plants that are native to the Appalachian region. These plants are the foundation of the ecosystems that give us clean air and water while also supporting all the birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife that enrich our lives and on which we ultimately depend. They are our heritage, surviving the ancient glaciers, used and appreciated for generations by Native Americans and early colonists, grown by us, and planted by you into your garden.

We strive to use organic and sustainable practices at our nursery. We do not use neonicotinoides, other non-organic pesticides or fungicides, or growth regulators. Our plants are not grown in a heated greenhouse but open grown and exposed to all weather, which makes them tough and in sync with the seasons. 

Most of our plants are grown from seed and some from cuttings or division (but always with an eye for maintaining genetic diversity within the nursery stock). The seeds we collect for growing our plants are gathered ethically, with permission, from private property within 100 miles of our nursery. As such, I know the origin and region of all of our offerings. Some small amount is bought in on occasion. I do not wild collect live plants for sale, and even if I receive plants as a result of a rescue operation from a construction site, those plants will be re-homed rather than sold. 

Ours is a small nursery and retail only. Discounts are available to non-profits (please call for discount code). Largely run by my wife and me, we are too small to handle wholesale orders or large quantity requests without a great deal of lead time. Our facilities are minimal, as we are an open-grow nursery only, not a garden supply center.